Stages Of The Butterfly

The Caterpillar


Every woman has a story. Her life has taken her through challenges that have weighed her down. Whether its rejection, depression, isolation, pain, suffering, low self esteem, insignificance, loneliness or whatever its preventing her from reaching her full potential in life. Like a caterpillar, In this stage, she is dragging along her cares  and fears along the way. No matter where she goes, she leaves behind residue that makes  her vulnerable to a predator. Its not until she has a God encounter where she is reminded that she is a daughter of a king! She is fearfully and wonderfully made. The life that she now lives isn't the life he has for her.  If she chooses this day in whom is the source of her very being and commit to follow him follow him, he will restore her. God is so patient, gentle and because he loves her, he waits. For the choice she makes must be hers, and hers alone.  When that day comes that she says Yes. "Yes to your will, Yes, to your ways", he welcomes her with open arms. Now, the healing can begin.

Psalms 55:22

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.

The Cocoon


The Cocoon is a symbolization of being encamped in the arms of God. In the safety of God's arms  there is shelter, peace, protection, healing and restoration. The pain has a purpose! The disappointment has a purpose! The rejection also has a purpose!  Everything that has weighed her down from her past is now working together for her good, Shackles are being loosed, chains are being broken, yokes are being destroyed.  Impartation is now taking place!!! Now for some, this stage maybe a process. and may take some time, but just know all are destined for greatness. This is where trusting in God is vital.  Even though change has not clearly manifested on the outside doesn't mean there isn't a change working on the inside.   Through it all, she is transforming into (beautiful butterfly) who God has create her to be. "A daughter of a King!" 

Jeremiah 29:11 

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

The Butterfly


At an appointed time, you will see her start to emerge out  of the cocoon.  She is transformed into a new creature! She doesn't even look like what she has been through. Her total appearance is different. She is colorful and different by design. Most importantly she has her wings!  She is able to soar!!! She can fly as high as her heart desires. Even if trouble arises, she is able to fly away.  At first she may be a bit hesitant because this is a new change for her, but that which she has settle for prior she no longer desires again. She knows her self worth. No longer a victim but victorious! Yes, her new transformation has caused some envy, jealously among her peers but She now knows how to use the wisdom of God in making decisions. 

2 Corinthians 5::17

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, the new creature has come, the old has gone the new is here

The Butterfly Effect


In this stage, a mature butterfly purpose is to pollenate.. She is willing and committed to impart into another caterpillar's life.. We are about lifting each other up.!!!  We all have had enough of being pushed down, its time to be empowered to FLY!  When she discerns. another women going through what she has been healed, delivered and set free from, she reaches back to support. She doesn't forget that someone  was once  there for her, in her time of need.  Thus the cycle continues of impartation  and change in others., created The Butterfly Effect         


The Butterfly With A Broken Wing


Everyone is not always welcoming of the new transformation. Some may become envious or jealous. As  a woman, her nature is to nurture and support. Sometimes she may not use wisdom in supporting others.  Instead of flying away at the sight of danger, she stays and allows the cares of others to weigh her down. She is unable to fly high enough to safety. As a result, a wing is damaged and broken.  A broken wing will never be healed completely and will never be the same! It takes the very hand of God to intervene on her be half.  Some damages happen to try and cause permanently disability, but God.!!! A replacement wing or permanent fixture is added to the broken area in order to fly  again. It may take some time to adjust to again , but she has the use of her wings again. Though unknown to everyone else, she will feel the very weight (scars) of  its presence,  this so she will never forget that it was God that intervened on  her my behalf. What others can't withstand, she able be secure in because of her new added feature.  She now pollenates with power!!!